Wedding Coordination Package



We offer one package and cater it to your wedding. Our Wedding Coordination package is designed to relieve client stress while streamlining the wedding timeline. Unlike wedding planning and design services, Wedding Coordination is for the couple who will do most of the planning themselves. This package is catered to the client, but often includes:

  • 1 onsite Coordinator at the Ceremony Rehearsal (2 hours). Additional fee to run the rehearsal if officiant is unavailable, see Add Ons.

  • 1 onsite Coordinator on the wedding day, including set up, ceremony, reception, and breakdown (up to 12 hours).

  • An additional onsite Assistant Coordinator. (up to 6 hours) (Additional fee when more staff are required for set up, or breakdown see Add Ons)

  • The initial in-person consultation meeting (up to 1.5 hours)

  • In person consultation to review timeline with the client, approximately one week prior to wedding day, ideally onsite at the venue (up to 1.5 hours)

  • In the month prior to the wedding, confirmation with all vendors/venues and development of the wedding day timeline

  • Confirmation of final details with vendors in the week of the wedding, provision of timeline to all vendors

  • Use of our Bridal Emergency Kit ($350 value)

  • Emergency Management (including use of our 16 clear umbrellas - $100 value)

  • Facilitation of wedding day timeline

  • Ceremony and reception personal decor set up (Additional fee when more than one Coordinator is necessary for set up, see Add Ons)

  • Getting ready location visit with detail set up

  • Receive all vendors and provide site orientation

  • Assistance with distribution of personal flowers (pinning boutonnieres, drying bouquets, placing ceremony flowers, etc.)

  • Conduct final lighting, sound, temperature, final seating, and table check inspection

  • Serve as point person for all vendors/special guests—freeing the bride from this role

  • Coordination of ceremony procession including communication with musicians

  • Assistance to photographer in organizing guests for timely after ceremony pictures. Does not include choosing location, provision of props, positioning or any actual photography. The photographer maintains responsibility for capturing photographs, including all those requested on the shot-list.

  • Collection of all décor and client person items at the ceremony site in conjunction with the site requirements.

  • Cues for band, photographer, and videographer for special moments

  • Cues for toasts, alert catering staff to pour champagne just before the toasts

  • Distribute final payments/gratuities to vendors

  • Coordination of special exit from reception

  • Collection of all client décor, gifts and personal belongings and delivery to specified location

Wedding Coordination Package
Add On Items

In most cases the Wedding Coordination package covers our client’s needs. However, we accommodate larger guest lists, destination venues, complex timelines, and lofty setups by making add on services available. If you have a need that is not listed, your Coordinator can customize services to meet your specific needs.

Common Add On’s Include:

  • Additional Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator hours ($50 per hour)

  • Coordination of the ceremony rehearsal WITHOUT officiant ($60) (coordination of the processional and recessional is included when the officiant is available….we charge for this because it’s a two person job ;))

  • Help with Crafting and DIY Décor ($50 per hour)

  • Review RSVPs and contact stragglers ($50 per hour)

  • Completion of DIY projects ($50 per hour)

  • Destination wedding (Hotel + Airfare + $400 per Coordinator per working day)