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You have a plan for your wedding, but need it carried out.

Uncommon Camellia provides professional Wedding Coordinators to manage the to do and not to do lists of modern brides. We are there to take over the reins so that you can skip coordinating your own rehearsal, setting up your personal touches, and breaking down the party at midnight. Just enjoy the day, we’ll manage the details.

Our first step is to meet with you to understand your vision. This is our chance to really get to know you and your plans. It also allows you a chance to see if Uncommon Camellia is a good fit. We want to flawlessly execute your wedding plans. We pride ourselves on excellent listening and communication, always working to see your vision and bring it to life. We hope you'll hire us to take care of business so that you can cherish the start of your new adventure.

Browse our website to learn more about our team and our services. If you'd like to set up a free, no obligation, initial meeting, send us your information and we'll get with you to schedule an appointment that works with your schedule. We look forward to hearing from you.


About Our Company


We are a group of dedicated wedding coordinators, with proven experience. Each of us works as part of a team, collaborating on every wedding, to execute seamless weddings. Our internal certification program guarantees you only the most qualified, experienced, and professional coordinators. We provide support to each other and coverage in case of emergency. While we each bring our own unique skills and experiences to the table, you can count on our uniform processes, trademarked tools, professionalism and excellence for every single wedding.

Our Mission is exceptional wedding coordination for every client through a network of vetted wedding coordinators. We are very proud that every coordinator is part of a supportive team that provides support and shares experiences. We utilize uniform processes and tools for every wedding, including our popular timeline. Another perk that sets us apart is that we limit and space the number of weddings per coordinator, so that we can provide the necessary time and energy required to fully understand and implement our client's vision. Working as a team makes this possible.

We pride ourselves on a company culture that supports and esteems women and encourages their success. Our clients frequently look back at their wedding and call us the best decision they made. We hope you’ll choose us to help you celebrate your wedding day!



Meet Our Lead Coordinators

Each of our Lead Coordinators has completed an extensive internal certification program that requires initial and continued training, extensive experience, and tested skill competency. We are very proud that every coordinator is part of a supportive team that pools knowledge, expertise and experience to bring the highest level of service to each client. Portraits by Xistence Photography


Natalie Atkinson

If your must have list for your coordinator sounds something like: super organized, relaxed, experienced, good hearted and fun to be around, then Natalie is a good fit for you! She loves new people and appreciates unique styles and tastes. When’s she not hustling to make brides’ wedding dreams come true, she’s chasing around her adorable toddler Daxon, hanging with her girlfriends, or sippin’ wine on the back porch with her hubby.

Natalie works with brides looking to outsource the responsibility of running their own wedding day. She knows the wedding day can be perfect without the bride feeling burdened with the details she has planned. She supports her clients with her natural ability to help others and anticipate their needs.

Natalie has worked within the service industry since she was 17, as a server, bartender, expediter, hostess and floor manager. She knows the ins and outs of every position in this field. She can also mix any drink you can think of! Combine that experience with her 10+ years working in commercial property and general liability insurance and you’ve got a uniquely qualified wedding coordinator.


Heather Schwaner

Heather is an accomplished digital artist and has been recognized for her work at the New Orleans Museum of Art and has been nominated for a 2018 New Orleans ADDY Award. She is a graduate of Tulane University where she studied Marketing, Website Development and Graphic Design. In addition to her work and success as a coordinator, Heather owns and designs for French Magnolia Design. She has extensive experience in the hospitality, tourism, and marketing industries as well. Her keen eye for detail, coupled with her unique combination of education and experience make Heather an expert on bringing a wedding vision to life.

Heather is a great listener; she works hard, and always strives for perfection. Brides love her passionate work and her ability to lead the wedding day team and schedule! She channels her natural ability to organize and manage details to bring her clients the peace of mind they need to enjoy the wedding day. She knows how quickly the day goes by and believes in the importance of cherishing each moment.

Professionally, she’s a boss y’all! But we love being her friend too! Her adorably designed home is usually filled with the smell of her Cajun cooking and sweet conversation with her hubby Nick and their Chi-Weenie, Mini. You’ll catch her there with a glass of wine or a dirty martini, singing her heart out and simultaneously knocking out home repairs! If you’re looking for someone to help you relax and take in every wedding moment, hand things over to Heather. Not only will you appreciate her professionalism and experience, you’ll love her warm, friendly personality.


Janet Howell

On a day off, you’ll find Janet hanging with her hubby and 2 kids, chatting with her best girlfriends, or catching a comedy show. She’s a coffee lover, a romantic, and knows way too much cars and trucks! Really, ask her something about which specs get you the most for your money, how to find the best price deal on a car when buying retail, what time of year to buy a vehicle depending on which vehicle type and manufacturer, which year model the manufacturer had injector pump problems, etc. Plus we love to combine that with the fact that this amazing woman still makes her bed every day!

The moment you meet Janet, you’ll recognize her calm and nurturing kindness. And as you get to know her more, you’ll see the organization, dedication, flexibility and positivity that make her among the finest wedding coordinators in our area. Janet has a background in project management, global logistics, contract negotiation, and risk management. Combined with her innate problem solving ability, Janet’s experience guarantees her clients a meticulously reviewed wedding plan that is routinely carried out according to the wedding vision. She is a skilled communicator, a trait that both vendors and clients appreciate.

If you’re looking for a strong ally that can seamlessly manage your day, Janet will deliver. We love having her on our team, and know you’ll love having her on yours!

Angela Finch Tucker

When you first meet Angela, you’ll find her warm, even keeled and soft spoken. Her steady presence has a calming effect on her clients and colleagues alike. She’s difficult to frazzle, extremely adaptable, and one of those amazing people who embraces and enjoys change.

Angela has worked in various roles in the wedding industry, including venue coordination, event marketing, sales and advertising, general hospitality, and event management. In addition, she is trained and certified as a Lead Coordinator with Uncommon Camellia. Next year, she will complete her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Though she is laid back and super positive, she also knows how to take care of business. Her composure under pressure, quick-thinking, and easy smile are a triple win!

Angela is married to TJ, a crew chief and helicopter mechanic in the US Army. They are adventurers and after the challenges of deployments, they know how to pick up where they left off, and cherish each of their moments together! Like so many of the remarkable women behind our brave military, Angela holds it all together as TJ serves our country for months on end. See what we mean by cool under pressure?

For those looking for a zen-like coordinator to set the mood for the entire vendor team, look no further.


Amélie Pizza

Amélie provides the optimal wedding experience by anticipating each detail, vendor need, and possible hiccup. She is focused, hard-working and reliable mixed perfectly with her contagious positivity and love for life.

Amélie has worked with venues and vendors across New Orleans and the Northshore and has established a reputation as a top wedding coordinator. She has completed the certification for Lead Coordinator and has worked in this role since January 2017. Amélie is certified Distinguished Communicator, awarded through LSU where she also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Clients appreciate this refined skill in communication as Amelie is quickly able to onboard a vendor team to bring the wedding vision to life.

Amélie married her high school sweetheart and they live in the most charming circa 1902 home with their two darling children. Aside from her busy life as a mamma and coordinator, Amélie moonlights as a painter, lettering artist and interior designer.

If it isn’t already obvious this woman can keep order where most would feel chaos. Amélie’s brides have noted her stellar work ethic and how that makes things swing in her favor when obstacles arise. If you are looking for a coordinator who can keep cool under pressure, find joy in anything, command the room, and organize like the boss she is, then have some coffee or sangria with this rock star! We predict you’ll immediately book her and feel a major weight lifted off your shoulders.

Ashley Brien

Ashley can find a solution to any problem. With more than 10 years of customer service experience, she calmly faces every challenge with positivity and poise. She brings of peace of mind to her clients and sees the execution of their plans and details as an important matter of the heart.

Ashley is an LSU graduate and has extensive leadership training that builds upon her natural ability to lead. She has in depth experience as a liability and performance consultant and speaks fondly of her season in the corporate world. But if you ask her what her most rewarding job has been, she’ll point towards her two adorable children.

Ashley is married to Clark, her best friend and fellow foodie. Their favorite drink at happy hour is “half priced apps!” She’s an animal lover and a self-proclaimed home body. Yet, she’s always up for a good time and we find her the life of the party! She is stylish and witty and makes her minivan seem like a corvette. Really, she’ll make you think minivans are that cool.

If you could find a coordinator that was focused, organized, detailed AND fun wouldn’t you hire that woman in a hot second? Well, you found her! Ashley works hard to understand and implement her client’s vision, because she truly wants her couples to be 100% present on the wedding day.


Adrienne Brink

Adrienne loves putting together the client's wedding day vision. Finding the perfect place for each part of the puzzle is a fun and rewarding challenge for her.

She's wife to Fritz, and mama to Turner (6), June (4), Auggie (1) and pup Beaullieu. She loves walks to the farmer's market, sipping coffee on the porch, talking shop over wine, planning trips and adventures, and enjoying the company of her family.

Adrienne has a bachelors degree in Business Management and a masters in Counseling. Expect a little stress management along with the wedding coordination package! She is devoted to her clients and her work and will always put in the effort and care required to make the wedding day a success.

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Amelia Jeanmarie

Amelia is the down-to-earth, easy to be around friend everyone wants to have. She’s witty, fun loving, casually stylish, and sharp as a tack. But the thing that is so magnetic about Amelia, is her gentle confidence. When challenges arise on wedding day, you can count on her clarity and decisiveness to quickly find optimal solutions.

Amelia is married to her high-school sweetheart Brandon, and they have the coolest, laid back little boy you’ll ever meet. Seriously, we’re asking her to write a parenting book! She loves working with her hands, building and refinishing furniture, painting, baking … yet her nails are always perfect. How does she do it? Hire her as your coordinator, maybe she’ll tell you her secrets!

Amelia is a graduate of Southeastern and is a certified elementary education teacher. A loyal and dedicated teacher, Amelia built trusting relationships with her students and worked tirelessly to make a meaningful impact in their lives. She brings the same level of dedication, persistence and loyalty to each of her brides. She is a Certified Lead Coordinator with Uncommon Camellia and has coordinated weddings throughout the New Orleans area. She’s a sure bet for bringing your wedding day from stressful to stress-free!

Alexis Nelson

Alexis Nelson is a milkshake loving travel enthusiast who speaks French and dons a capsule wardrobe that belongs on Pinterest. She’s is an advocate for positivity and living every moment to the fullest. She has grit and determination and it shows in the full and happy life she lives.

Alexis holds an associate’s degree from Delgado Community College in Business Management and is currently working on her bachelor’s at Tulane University in Legal Studies. She has a combination of extensive experience in both the hospitality and legal industries, that gives her a unique edge in the wedding world. She is a Certified Lead Coordinator with Uncommon Camellia where she has coordinated weddings throughout the New Orleans area.

When she’s not making wedding dreams come true, she’s either crushing her coursework at Tulane, doing a little pleasure reading of legal documents (yes, she actually enjoys this), or leading the cheering section at the little league field. She and her husband have 3 children and two labs. They love making memories together, and Alexis captures most of them on camera.

As a Lead Wedding Coordinator, she maintains laser focus on the timeline and details of the day, while providing the support and encouragement that every bride deserves. She’s a great match if you are looking for a coordinator who is trustworthy, easy to talk to and also knows what she’s talking about! We love having Alexis in our corner, and know you’ll want her in yours!

Picture Coming Soon.jpg

Amber Wallace

When you meet Amber, it takes about 3 minutes to realize “I can trust this girl with IT ALL.” She is self-assured and clear headed. You’ll know immediately that she is genuinely interested in your well-being and making the wedding day exactly what you have planned. And what’s even better is that she delivers on this first impression by being equally amazing on the wedding day. She is a hard worker, a doer, and a problem solver.

Amber is a first-generation college graduate of Southeastern University. Since graduating, she has worked to help more than 200 families find the professional and efficient care their children need to help them thrive. But her first job was long before college when her mom encouraged her to earn her own money to go to the movies! She began working at Papa Johns at just 14 years old (2 hours per shift because she was so young) and worked her way up to management by age 18. She is a Certified Lead Coordinator with Uncommon Camellia and has coordinated weddings throughout the New Orleans area.

Amber is an optimist, a romantic, and a lover of all things vintage and retro. She has a list of hidden talents … including car mechanics … but you’ll have to hire her to find out the others! It’s no secret that Amber has all the natural intuition and developed skill to bring wedding visions to life. Have coffee with her, you’ll see!

A Note About Our Assistant Coordinators

When you hire a Lead Coordinator she always includes the service of an assistant on your wedding day. Our assistants have completed our company training program, have on the job training, and skills testing. Plus they bring invaluable life experiences and the willingness to make the wedding day a success.

above: Sharon Pye Photography

What Clients Say


Natalie and Heather were rockstars! While I was waiting in the Rolls Royce outside church, Natalie reapplied my lipstick and lipgloss. I did not have my phone for 24 hrs prior to the wedding and I was not worried at all. They truly take the stress off of the bride.

Catherine Guidry Photography


Janet and her assistants exceeded our expectations in every way. I was a true bridechilla on my wedding day because I knew Janet had thought of and was taking care of every last detail. The whole wedding went off without a hitch because of Janet and her team.

Sharon Pye Photography

above: Lauren Carroll Photography

Wedding Coordination Package



We offer one package and cater it to your wedding. Our Wedding Coordination package is designed to relieve client stress while streamlining the wedding timeline. Unlike wedding planning and design services, Wedding Coordination is for the couple who will do most the planning themselves. This package is catered to the client, but often includes:

  • 1 onsite Coordinator at the Ceremony Rehearsal (2 hours). Additional fee to run the rehearsal if officiant is unavailable, see Add Ons.

  • 1 onsite Coordinator on the wedding day, including set up, ceremony, reception and breakdown (up to 12 hours).

  • An additional onsite Assistant Coordinator .(up to 6 hours) (Additional fee when more staff are required for set up, or breakdown see Add Ons)

  • The initial in-person consultation meeting (up to 1.5 hours)

  • In person consultation to review timeline with couple, approximately one week prior to wedding day, ideally onsite at the venue (up to 1.5 hours)

  • In month prior to the wedding, confirmation with all vendors/venues and development of the wedding day timeline

  • Confirmation of final details with vendors in the week of the wedding , provision of timeline to all vendors

  • Use of our Bridal Emergency Kit ($350 value)

  • Emergency Management (including use of our 16 clear umbrellas - $100 value)

  • Facilitation of wedding day timeline

  • Ceremony and reception personal decor set up (Additional fee when more than one Coordinator is necessary for set up, see Add Ons)

  • Getting ready location visit with detail set up

  • Receive all vendors and provide site orientation

  • Assistance with distribution of personal flowers (pinning boutonnieres, drying bouquets, placing ceremony flowers, etc.)

  • Conduct final lighting, sound, temperature, final seating and table check inspection

  • Serve as point person for all vendors/special guests—freeing the bride from this role

  • Coordination of ceremony procession including communication with musicians

  • Assistance to photographer in organizing guests for timely after ceremony pictures. Does not include choosing of location, provision of props, positioning or any actual photography. The photographer maintains responsibility for capturing photographs, including all those requested on the shot-list.

  • Collection of all décor and client person items at the ceremony site in conjunction with the site requirements.

  • Cues for band, photographer, and videographer for special moments

  • Cues for toasts, alert catering staff to pour champagne just before the toasts

  • Distribute final payments/gratuities to vendors

  • Coordination of special exit from reception

  • Collection of all client décor, gifts and personal belongings and delivery to specified location

Wedding Coordination Package
Add On Items

In most cases the Wedding Coordination package covers our client’s needs. However, we accommodate larger guest lists, destination venues, complex timelines, and lofty setups by making add on services available. If you have a need that is not listed, your Coordinator can customize services to meet your specific needs.

Common Add On’s Include:

  • Additional Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator hours ($30 per hour)

  • Coordination of the ceremony rehearsal WITHOUT officiant ($60) (coordination of the processional and recessional is included when the officiant is available….we charge for this because it’s a two person job ;))

  • Help with Crafting and DIY Décor ($30 per hour)

  • Review RSVPs and contact stragglers ($30 per hour)

  • Completion of DIY projects ($30 per hour)

  • Destination wedding (Hotel + Airfare + $400 per Coordinator per working day)


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