What Does it Cost to Hire a Wedding Coordinator and Why?

Be honest, do wedding prices leave you scratching your head, wondering where your money is going? Do you have some fear or anxiety that you might be getting ripped off? I mean most engaged couples are first time wedding planners. So, it would be safe to assume they don't have much experience in hiring wedding pros or knowing a fair price for their services. Fear and weddings don't go together, so we decided to go ahead and just be transparent. Here's an inside look at wedding coordination, what it costs and why.

Quick Tips on How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Coordinator

The most challenging part of planning a wedding is choosing the professional team that will bring it together. Try this simple exercise to communicate your exact expectations to your wedding coordinator and every wedding pro you hire. Know from jump street whether she is qualified, legit, and a good fit for you. With this concise and practical strategy, your wedding budget will be worth so much more!

The Ultimate Wedding Emergency Kit

We bring a TON of stuff to weddings. Our wedding emergency kit is filled with $300 worth of items for every wedding emergency or urgency you can think of. This blog will tell you the exact contents of our Ekit, how it is organized, and what it costs to put together.

Hurricane Wedding Plan

Rain on your wedding day is good luck, but a hurricane wedding is a gamble most couples would rather not take! If a hurricane is predicted to make landfall at your wedding, this will give you the guidance you need to protect your day. If you are planning a future wedding during Hurricane season, this blog outlines the steps to take now to safeguard your wedding later.